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There's other methods of locating slime chunks without using the world seed. The world seed isn't given out publicly so you will have to rely on those other methods. I have made several slime farms in the past without using the seed so its definitly not impossible.

Ban Appeal 8 months ago

When the server's tps was low the amount of golems in my farm was minimal. I asked for evidence that my iron farm was the reason but Dmc refused to give me any. https://imgur.com/gallery/lB9N2BT This screenshot shows 41 iron golems in my farm, with the server running at pretty much 20tps. The most ive had in there is around 80 and the server still never lagged. The golems would eventually die as more were added due to entity cramming. Ive had that for for 6 months and this is the only time that you guys have mentioned it lagging. I believe that you're giving false imformation and accusing me for something that i didnt do.

Ban Appeal 8 months ago

What is your current in-game name: Tedleadhead2005, Tedleadhead

Which servers have you been banned from: Alteria Survival

Do you have any past in-game names: Tedleadhead2005, Tedleadhead

When was your last appeal created: This is my first appeal.

When was this punishment issued: April 28th 2020

What is the current time length of your punishment: Permanent 

Why should you be unbanned: 3 weeks ago i was accused of making the server's tps drop significantly without been showed any correct evidence. I was therefore banned permanently without been given any warnings or tempary bans. I dont see any categories i have falled into that has lead to my ban. Since then i havent been given any reason for my ban and thus find it unfair that ive been banned. I would also like reason for why ive been banned.

Any other information we should be known about: If i do get unbanned, i would like all of my work and claims that have been deleted, restored as i have over a month of play time on the server and a majority of that time was spent building my projects.