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Just a small update today.

Due to the issues encountered with the graves we have removed that modpack and installed a death chest plugin.

We have added the Auction House plugin as that was a highly requested feature of the server. use /ah

/fly -
I have been considering the request for the fly feature to be available to a rank. I have concluded that /fly will be implemented but only as a purchasable command from our donation server and will only be usable for 30day's. I do not want this to be a command someone has permanant access to for a number of reasons.
Costing will be $5.00 AU for 30days access to /fly and will be available from 26/04/2020

Additional Players - I have been working really hard to try and get our name out there and entice new players to join our community. As the server owner there is only so much i can do so i am calling on you all to help out.
We have the following methods of getting our name out there.

- Word of Mouth > Invite your friends and let people you know about this server and our vanilla server.

- Voting > This is very important for us to climb ranks on sites. We have increased the rewards to entice more people to vote.

- Facebook > We have created a facebook and soon a twitter so all platforms will be updated together to provide everyone with multiple sources of information and to also help spread our name. Like, Follow and share our page to give us more exposure.

- Join our Website > Join our website and be active on the forums. Most players will check a servers forums initially to see what to find. I am currently working on more content such a guides for our website to get more people using it.

As mentioned above i know on initially joining the server can be a bit overwhelming with so many things to do. I want to simplify this as much as possible and implement some guides to help those who need it.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE - 12/04/2020 9 months ago

Hey all,

Just a small update today regarding the use of /nickname as well as the ranking system within discord and the ability to talk to your friends ingame via the discord channel #survival-server-feed.


/nick /nickname - These commands have been removed due to abuse of the command as well as the fact that discord now syncs both in-game and discord nicknames together.

We may look at making this a donor perk or a purchasable perk at some stage.


DiscordA lot of things have now changed with discord for a number of reasons. The most prominent reason is to keep everyone more connected and allow for more social interations even if you may not be able to make it onto the game but have discord on your phone or tablet.

Discord ranks now Sync with your ingame rank and you show on the rank list accordingly. With this we will be looking at perk to give to players in discord aswell.

A few commands and a short guide on how to sync your account:

To sync your account and gain your ingame rank - Type /discord link ingame and copy the 4 digit code it gives you. Then private message the discord bot named Alteria Survival Discord Bot with the 4 digit code only!

You now have access to use the #survival-server-feed channel and talk to your friends in-game. Within 5 minutes you will also receive your discord rank which will be synced to your in-game rank.

IMPORTANT!!: For all players not in minecraft you will need to raise a ticket with the game you play and i will assign the rank accordingly.

UPDATE - 10/04/2020 9 months ago

Hi everyone,
This is a rather large update as we now have a few more additions to the server aswell as some bugs fixed and optimisation!

I am also gonna post the planned additions & changes that will be taking place at some point.


- Added the Jobs Reborn Plugin

So this now means everyone can join a job to make additional money. Alteria will tax you 20% of all moneys earned to build its economic growth and wealth.

Each player may have a maximum of 2 jobs so pick wisely. It is recommened that you only pick a job that you know you will be doing frequently to maximise the profits gained. Completeing the quests it asks of you will provide you with bonus income and XP and the higher you level your profession the higher the profit multiplier will grow.

It is important to note that the tax rate does not lower with levels gained as our taxing system is balanced and we do not feel it would be fair for the rich to get richer and the poor will.... well... stay poor!

Command to note for this plugin:

- /jobs info [jobname]

- /jobs join

- /jobs top [jobname]

- Added MCMMO Credits

I have added MCMMO credits which can be used to level certain skills such as acrobatics or fishing. I wanted to gove everyone a little extra reward for voting so each vote will accumulate 2 x Credits and the vote crate has the chance of winning 10 or 20 credits per use. 

Commands to use your credits:

- /mr



- Fixed the issue with the /rtp command spawning players into water or in the ground. It will also now avoid spawning players into other peoples claims.

- Fixed the vaults not allowing players to manage the names of the vaults etc.

- Updated all plugins

For Discussion:


I would like some some productive discussion around the shop plots. I have noticed not many people actually buy from the player shops. I was thinking that maybe a Auction House would be a better solution as players dont need to travel to the market and can access this anywhere which would in theory potentially increase players chances of making a succesful sale. 

Note: The admin shops will be retained.

I will no longer be taking suggestions / bug reports in-game as we can not keep track of them. Players have been reporting things while we are afk working on other things and we dont see them. Please use the tools provided by using Discord or the Forums to make suggestions or report bugs!

Thanks everyone. Please ensure bugs / issues are reported on the forums or discord so we can keep track of them. Also suggestions are always welcome.

UPDATE - 06/04/2020 9 months ago



- Updated Paper Spigot

- Updated QuickShop

- Updated Planet Minecraft listing details

- Updated Server MOTD

- Updated MCMMO

Server Migration - Complete about 1 year ago

Well what a day!


I managed to get the new system setup and all our servers migrated onto our hardware!!! Very excited and keen to see how much better it performs over the hosted service.


Please be mindful of the IP change

SURVIVAL is now - survival.alteriamc.com

VANILLA is now - vanilla.alteriamc.com

CREATIVE is now - creative.alteriamc.com


We will also very soon be offering a hosting service. So if you have though about setting up your own mc server feel free to reach out and we can help you get on your way!!


Cheers all!